Monday, January 12, 2009

fingernails, dating oh my!

Hey friends. So... match date #1 lasted 47 minutes and included some not so charming moments. Let's start with first impressions:

- 4 inched shorter than his profile stated (men: do you really think we're not gonna notice)

- the trench coat: ok... so many thoughts here. But first, why? even if you have one, why is it belted? 5 sizes two big? why does it poof out like an a-line skirt?

- the fingernails. OMG... why oh why would a man have long, perfectly manicured fingernails?

Let's move on to awkward conversation points...

- Why oh why are you talking to me about being a "gamer?" Why, even after I asked what you were talking about? did you proceed to explain table top games and board games and D&D games and your weird fascination with all of them? WHY?

- but even that conversation.. I'm still trying to have an open mind. Did you have to talk about your dead mother? or how you and your father don't get along? Really. We're only on minute number 25; how can I turn this conversation into something a little less err.. Serious or odd.

So, I successfully start speaking about random things. Muppets, movies, beer (since we were each trying new ones) this one seemed to stick. great. Beer I can talk about. Oh wait hold on. Apparently we weren't done being awkward..

Odd date guy: [talking at length about the beer brewing process and what he likes and dislikes about beer]

Me: yeah. Mine is good, but sweeter than I thought it would be.
Odd date guy: well, i noticed that you ordered the highest alcohol content on the menu.

Me: yes.

Odd date guy: well. the thing is I have never drank a beer (or anything else) to get drunk. Have you ever drank to get drunk
Me: [inner monologue. um right now] actually yes, but I just like to have fun.

Needless to say, I’m drinking my beer as fast as possible and getting out of dodge. I escape. With just 47 minutes of my Friday wasted... I happily go on my way.

Never fear though, i received an email explaining that he had a "lovely time" and wants to do it again. Um.. How about no, is no good for you?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Starting 2009. Resolutions, Suggestions and Music

So, 2009 is upon us. And once again, I am going to attempt to keep a running story about some random musings from my life. I know, I know, I said I would do it last year. But I promise, I'll make an attempt to add one post a week - at least.

To keep it interesting. I have lots of surprises in store.

For starters, I finally started back on Despite my last attempt (which included a face licker, bizarro Stuey (reverse bobble head), really old creepy guy who lied about his profile age, the 17 minute date and others (all really bad dates) – I’m giving it another shot. I mean every single guy on there can't actually be a lying, douchebag moron, can they?

First up, this Friday. Now, I'm going in with some hesitations, but following my good friend Vince's suggestion to just start going out with lots of men and eventually someone will surprise me. Now, I know taking love advice from Vince is ironically funny - as he is not the best decision maker when it comes to his own life – but really neither am I and I give great advice. So, Friday night is Denise starts dating. I wont sell out specifics just yet. But stay tuned

Which brings me to Suggestion/Resolution #2. DOn't fall into old/bad habits. Also solid advice from my friend out there on the left coast (and just about every good friend I have here in DC). So, what exactly does that mean... Here's a short list (please feel free to add):

- No dating/getting involved with men who I have previously been involved with. This seems like an obvious one. But a girl needs reminders.

- No more drunk dialing/texting. Obviously this is directly part of the above, but also should stand for those new men that enter my life. It's mostly a product of my love for Belgian Beer. Speaking of...

- No more crying when drinking Belgian beer. Now, I know the obvious solution is to stop drinking it; but let’s be clear. That's just not going to happen.

So bad habits be gone!

Other resolutions... Here is a quick list
- travel more
- go out to new places
- more culture
- run a half and full marathon
- stay injury free
- go to Vail (never been)
- Bring my lunch to work at least twice a week

I'm sure there are some I am leaving out.

I've updated some music and new music posts include the famous Best of Lists will be here soon. You can now subscribe to this on the right hand side. So, please check back often.

Happy New Years, friends.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer and other musings

So, I was watching Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer tonight - and it's been a long time since I paid attention to it. Here are my top complaints...

1. Why is Santa such an elitest grump? Who is he to not like the elves song and dis the fact that Rudolph has a shiny red nose? I mean it's fucking Santa clause - how is this okay?

2. Clarice is a whore. Yup, I said it. On first meeting she was flirting, throwing herself on Rudolph and then without any knowledge left her parents to go look for him. SLUT!

3. How did the lion get to lead the land of misfit toys. Was he elected? An heir to the throne?

4. Did it ever occur to anyone that "charlie in the box" wasn't wanted because he is annoying - I mean genuinely annoying? (side note - what ever happened to Jack in the Boxes? and if we were to do a remake - what would the toy be?)

5. Does anyone notice in the beginning during reindeer school - or whatever it is called - that Santa has a clear problem with nepotism. I mean he clearly calls on Dasher's son first. An he is all "Donner you should be ashamed of himself" but no mention of the underdog reindeer...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

When I was 4

When I was four, I was influenced by lots of things. Mostly, I adored my brothers and my very first crush. Bob Boone. For those of you who don't know, Bob Boone was the catcher for the 1980 World Series Phillies. I had a shirt - bought for me by a family friend -that read "This Girl Loves Bob Boone." On the back, it had my name. I loved that shirt and I wore it all the time.

Now, I was young and the memories are definitely fuzzy. But, I can remember going outside- we lived at C and Roosevelt Blvd - standing on the Blvd and banging pots and pans. I remember sitting on my brothers and my father's shoulders and just enjoying making noise and yelling. I think at the time, I was probably more excited to be up past my bedtime and be with the adults - but it is one of my earliest childhood memories. It was awesome.

I can honestly say, I don't remember the Sixers win in 1983, even though I was nine. But that 1980 day was awesome.

Years later, in 1993 - I was in the beginning of my senior year of high school. My favorite Philly in 1993 - Darren Daulton... The Phillies were all the rage that year. I remember the hype. I remember the feeling of watching Wildthing Mitch Williams loose game 6. It wasn't exactly his fault - but he did have to leave the city for a while. What can I say - we are passionate fans! Now, I can also remember feeling this amazing loss.

As I moved to college - I definitely became more of an football fan - and consequently an Eagles fan. It wasn't that my passion or love for the Phils was any less - it's just that when you get down to it - I bleed green. And I was stuck with Pittsburgh fans constantly chanting "here we go Steelers" in my ear every day. So, I always had to defend my Birds..

Just a few years ago, those Birds broke my heart. They lost a SuperBowl - that I still can't really talk about. Typical Birds - poor clock management, McNabb choking - you'll know the drill.

So here we are - 28 years since I last remember a true celebration. Twenty-eight years since the city of Phildelphia could go nuts.

Right now, I'm in DC and I can't be more bummed out. I've spoken with siblings and friends and decided that this memory - will end with a Parade. THE parade.

As for my favorite Philly? Its hard to say. Lidge and Hamels seem obvious. Chase Utley is a front runner - not only is he not hard on the eyes but he is awesome. There are so many to choose from.
So, I'll decide post parade.

Finally - a memory that I can savor - details and all...

Sunday, September 7, 2008

NFL, EAGLES, ADS, All kinds of good stuff

The Eagles won their home opener today and it was an awesome, well-rounded win -- offense, defense and special teams plays that kicked serious ass. But are the Rams that bad or the Eagles that good? A test of tests next week. My good friend G is an optimist. He says 16-0.. I say 10-6... But we shall see

Did you see these ads for the new show Hole in the Wall? How is THAT a good idea for a game show? Who are these idiots on the show and who is making money from this shit. Seriously - the networks should be even more concerned by Cable taking over. Smarter programming with Cable TV. Women who like this game must be like women who like Palin - not very informed and not very smart.I'm just saying...

One of the best Ad campaigns I have seen in a long time are the new ads for Corn Syrup - - the basis: "high fructose corn syrup has no artificial ingredients"; is the same as table sugar, etc. The ads are seriously ingenious and remind me a lot of a chlorine campaign I once saw. Must find out who their ad agency is - KUDOS...

NFL - still has the Idiot Tony Siragusa doing sideline commentary. I particularly like it when he goes on rants about catching and tackling and coaching his son. This provides a LOT of value for me.

Troy Aikmen needs to back away from the tanning bed. He is very very orange...

Not sure how I feel about the coin toss defer rule this year. It worked in the Eagles advantage... but, what does it really add?

I went to see The Walkmen last night at the 9:30 Club. Damn the front man can sing. His voice is unbelievable and it was a good early show.

New music listing coming soon

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Olympics - good & bad


- announcers for the gymnastics - Tim Daggett or whatever his name is may be the worst sports commentary guy on TV - and think about some of his rivals (Chris Collingsworth anyone)...

- Announcers limited vocabulary - especially pertaining to Phelps. It's like a contest to see how many people can use "amazing", "ridiculous", "he's a machine"; in one 45 second performance. I hope when he gets tapes of these events the audio is turned off. UGH...

- staying up til 1 am every night.. How did I become hooked on the Olympics - seriously - its mostly swimming and gymnastics - but I do question this bandwagon. Must. Get. Off. Now.

- Commercials - overall they are uninspired and have bad music. Where are all the really good commercials for the Olympics? (on a side note - how many endorsement deals will Phelps have and what's the over/under on when he appears on a Wheaties box...)

- Phelps - really, I hate to route for the clear favorite - but there is just something about him...

- Okay - I admit it - Wingspan 6'7'; Feet size 14' how hung do you think this guy is?

- Bad sportsmanship that is not U.S. - I mean with all the doping scandals of past and everything else - its nice to see some other country receive the unsportsmanlike story of the summer Olympics. Never fear though track and field is not over - time for a doping scandal yet!

Enough for now. Oh - quick music update - The Duke and the Duchess new LP = very very very good

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New Music - Yippee

So, I've only heard bits and pieces of this list - but I like what I have heard so far.

The Notwist
Ladytron - Seventeen
Santogold -
The Duchess and the Duke
The Walkmen
The Airborne Toxic Event -
Head Like a Kite
The Gaslight Anthem
Unkle -